A vintage moment
Gosh, I noticed that my last few posts here were pre-pandemic. Hmmm…why would I stop posting because of the lockdown. Maybe it was the extra work that happened due to the college going all virtual and log of people needing help with that. Ah, the life of an instructional designer. So now that we have this new routine, and I get to stay home to work instead of wasting 2.5 hours commuting to a campus and back, I need to post more. I have been creating, just not sharing here as I probably should. AND I’ve been published a few times in boutique digital art magazines, so I’ll create a page just to do some humble bragging there. 🙂

This digital composite is titled “A Vintage Moment” with a Colby Files model in front of a car image that I took at the Tacoma LeMay Car Museum a few years ago. Background is from Rebecca McMeen elements. Started the mock up and pre-work for this on Procreate and added textures via Mextures, Procreate and PS on the big MAC computer.