Digital art and photography

Digital Art

Turn Up The Silence

Visit my Digital Art page for the latest creations. Just gifts from my brain to yours.

Digital Photography

Dahlias of August 2020

I do enjoy photography too! Either with my fancy Nikon DSLR or my iPhone. Getting hard to tell the difference.

The Blog

Zeke the Newfie
Our Newfie “Zeke”

I like to write a bit too. I’m learning to find stories in what I see and what I do. And what I see and do when out and about w/ ‘Z Dog’

Thoughts for The Week

What are you grateful for today?

I used to think this was a dopey way to start or end the day. And I used to take for granted those things around me that were always there. Until one day they weren’t there anymore… and I missed them a lot. So I started asking myself this question more and more. When I had a bad day health-wise, or work-wise or otherwise. I found I could always find one thing that was good…that I was grateful for being in my life that day.

So, I’ll ask you the question again.
Think about it and let me know.